Royal Diwan Group – The name for Style and Excellence

The company has created some great pieces of art which could be called “perfumes” by our peers. We believe that Quality alone is sufficient to capture the market and impress customers. We do not really believe in false claims and useless ads, our main aim is to constantly keep improving, serving our customers and growing to become a pioneer in Style and Excellence.

Company Policy

Royal Diwan Group has formulated a completely professional and ethical environment in the organization for achieving group goals and establishing the company’s name throughout the world as a pioneer for quality products in the fragrance market. We work in close co-ordination with customer’s needs and requirements and our growth is driven by passion for excellence in all the ventures.

Our Dedicated work force is aimed at satisfying customers and such motivated team helps us build a congenial atmosphere for conquering all areas of the U.A.E. and the Middle East. We have selected the best people around who are placed at strategic positions in the company for enhancing growth and profit.

Our Work Policy encompasses hiring the best human resources and developing them socially, mentally and financially for realizing group goals and building a successful business venture out of ethical norms and structure laid down by our founders.

King of Fragrances

It has been a pleasure to serve such elite customer base in the Middle East and we really admire the faith our customers bestow in us while shopping for their perfumes. Being the leader in Perfume Retail, Royal Diwan Group has been highly acclaimed by most organizations and customers making us the undefeated “King of Fragrances”. We have been actively involved in conceiving and developing the best pieces in fragrance industry as per customized orders being put forth by most royal families in the U.A.E.

Hotels, Airlines, Malls and even International fashion houses have been on our customer list enthralling the major part of the global perfume industry which hardly any competitor can think of achieving. All our perfumes are developed from patented techniques and we develop the basic ingredients in-house for blending with our product variants under manufacturing.

Our Manufacturing processes involve garner of each fragrance formulation after blending of essential herbs and perfect ingredients, Oudh being one of the main among all. We use Oudh as this is an anti-fungus ingredient which disallows any kind of diseases to occur while spraying.

Global Acceptance

Not Only in U.A.E. but across the world, our perfumes are bought by customers of different ethnicities and lifestyles. We have entailed a complete globally accepted standard which helps us grow. Our products are developed keeping in mind the wide range of requirements. We do not start the production of any perfume after it is conceived. We rather take feedback from our consumers regarding the acceptability of the same and then start the manufacturing process.

This process makes our product pre-acceptable in the market even before we start production. This is the main reason why we grow rapidly than our peers.

The conception stage requires several tests to be performed once the fragrance is identified. The same is optimized to match international quality standards and is passed on to the manufacturing wing once the tests have proven positive.
After being passed on to the Manufacturing wing, the composition is formulated and incorporated for production in our state-of-the-art technologically developed manufacturing center. The fully automated manufacturing facility helps us to cater to several global buyers with our large scale production capacity. The key behind successful manufacturing for our group has been our continuous effort to develop and provide such quality which is required for the highly quality cognizant U.A.E. clientele.

Our Intelligent manufacturing process has been equipped by the most pre-emptive technological advancements which include blending of raw materials, processing of the same and unique bottling mechanism developed for the large scale industry wide demand entailed with us.

All our fragrances are developed and manufactured in our own manufacturing facility leaving no chance of flaw in the process.

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